We are looking for a new generation to take our know-how and expertise into the future.

GEN-H4 well-known as the smallest helicopter in the world, GEN CORPORATION will re-structure its heritage to unmanned air transportation system as GEN AIR TRANSPORT SYSTEMS (= GEN ATS).

Its special and innovative features include:

  1. Co-axial reversing rotor blade: it does not require a tail rotor.
  2. Fixed pitch rotor blade: it allows to obtain a very simple structure.
  3. Unique gear box:
    • - enables to yaw* control without tail rotor
      *Yaw Control = turn around left and right with hovering at the spot.
    • - provides the rotor blade power
    • - has also several ports of input. Those ports enable to use complexed power sources like engines and electric motors at the same time.
      It allows GEN ATS to have hybrid combination of different power sources suits for the purpose at the same time.
  4. GEN has no specified shape.
    • - GEN structured by the power units, Gear box, Roter Blades and the cargo instead of fuselage.
    • - Combine those 4units in variation aligning with the purpose allows GEN ATS easy to optimize its structure at the purpose.
    • - This feature gives GEN ATS no specified shape.
  5. Versatility:
    it can be set up for several configurations according to the use chosen - e.g. cluster flying to carry a heavy cargo.

‘The team of GEN-H4 is now looking for reliable investors and shareholders, responsible for the product, its quality and safety, in order to:

  1. Further develop the project together with its inventor, eager to keep up with his idea and see it finalized and marketed.
  2. Enhance its top-tier technology.
  3. Develop the interface of each element, so as to create safe, reliable and above all modular products to meet every customer’s needs, and to organize a long-term customer service for the supply of GEN know-how, spare parts and possible customizations.

  4. In short, GEN is looking to finalize the project thanks to investors who believe in the project and can take this high-tech, innovative transport system into the future.

    GEN ATS, that has a performance that fulfil the demands of air transportation by helicopter, contains the potential to dominant global air transportation market.

    It means the successor of GEN Corporation seize the opportunity to be the authority of authorizing the global GEN ATS that brings huge potential of domination of air transportation in future.

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  • Born in Nagano, 12 November 1932
  • Graduated from the Waseda University Faculty of Science and Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Registered as collaborator at the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Engineering, Internal Combustion Engine Laboratory.
  • In charge of design and development of BMW replica bike etc. at Daito Seiki Co., Ltd.
  • In charge of the development of 2-cycle engine at Komatsu Zenoa Corporation's engineering department.
  • Established Engineering System Co., Ltd. in 1970.
  • Following the corporate philosophy of “Become a company offering solutions to subjects in trouble”, he developed his career as problem-solver for small, medium and big enterprises ."
  • Developed GEN-125, a 125cc horizontal engine (as opposed to 2-cylinder engine) in 1988.
  • Succeeded in making the first flight of motor hang glider using GEN-125 as power unit in 1988.
  • Succeeded in the first hover of strap on this kind of helicopter in 1995.
  • Developed the world smallest single ride helicopter - GEN H4 - in 1999.
  • Succeeded in a demonstration flight at an Air Show in the U.S., and was featured in the Jane’s Yearbook “All the World’s Aircraft”.
  • Had his helicopter approved as self-produced machine by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and obtained the test flight permit in Japan in 2002.
  • Became independent from Engineering System Co., Ltd., founding GEN CORPORATION in 2003.
  • His first self-produced vehicle was delivered in 2004.
  • He was Awarded the Good Design Award in 2006.
  • Featured in the Guinness World Record as smallest single ride helicopter in 2008.
  • Succeeded in a demonstration flight at Vinci, Italy, renowned as the hometown of Leonardo da Vinci, in 2008.
  • Made several demonstration worldwide, in several Air Shows, from 2008 to 2015 (Hong Kong / Italy / France / Singapore / Russia / Germany).

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3,000,000 JPY
Representative Director
Gennai Yanagisawa
Head Office
Sasaga5652-83, Matsumoto, Nagano
  • Single-seated super small helicopter design, development, manufacturing and sale;
  • Unmanned super small helicopter design, development, manufacturing and sale;
  • Experimental super small helicopter design, development, manufacturing and sale;
  • Super small engine for aircraft design, development, manufacturing and sale;
  • Transmission design, development, manufacturing and sale;
  • Electronic and electrical machines design, development, manufacturing and sale;
  • Mechanical system design and development;
  • Hydraulic system design and development;
  • High-pressure gas system design, development, manufacturing;
  • Mechanical device design consultancy;
  • Manufacture and sales of non-woven fabrics and carbon fibers, glass fibers, metal fibers and plastic fibers fabrics;
  • Industrial robot production, sale and maintenance service;
  • High-pressure containers production and sales;
Main customer
JAXA, Shinshu University, Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Corporation
Guiness World Records - GEN-H4 2008
5 international patents concerning the Co-Axial Double Reversal Fixed Pitch Helicopter.

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